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South Harrison Township
Republican Club

Help Us

We need your help and support in this election year. You may think there is nothing that you can do to help, or feel "My vote doesn't count"

Well, there is, and it does!!!

We need help with the Campaigns of our local candidates to assure that they will be on the Committee next year to continue supporting your needs and the needs of the Township.

What can you do to help?  Well, we aren't asking a lot from any one person - just a little from many.
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  • Let us place a campaign sign on your property
  • Join us at meetings - find out what we stand for - and offer your thoughts as well
  • BE ACTIVE - participate in the election, the campaign, and learn about South Harrison
  • VOTE - and tell you neighbors to VOTE - for Bob and Rob, of course

You can use the CONTACT FORM to get on our e-mail list, join our group, learn about making a donation, or give permission to place a sign on your property. You may also ask questions, make comments or just say "Hi!"




South Harrison Republicans

This page is Updated Frequently - please check back Often